ASISNA DSL provides your home or business with a high-speed Internet connection that allows you to take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer:

* View full-motion sports clips, news highlights, and movie trailers.
* Download MP3 music files.
* Bank online.
* Get instant stock quotes.
* Keep your system up to date with software updates in minutes, not hours of your valuable time!

Keep your system up to date with software downloads in minutes, not hours.
View our DSL Demo!

View our DSL Demo
and see for your self.

ASISNA offers high-speed DSL connections from Qwest. DSL service may not be available in all of our areas. We have a simple 1... 2... 3... step process to sign-up.

1. Comparative pricing for Qwest DSL can be viewed with the links here.
2. Subscribe to Qwest DSL with ASISNA as your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The order button for the online application is at the bottom of the network spec sheet.
3. ASISNA will do the rest.

With our Qwest partnership, ASISNA provides up to 5 email accounts, personal web hosting, and DSL connectivity along with premier service and support. The DSL network provides your dedicated high-speed connection.

Qwest DSL will be billed with your local phone bill and ASISNA will bill for your ISP services.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
View our Qwest DSL
specs, features and pricing