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Billing Procedure Accounts are billed in advance. Payments may be made by cash, check, or by automatically processing your credit card. The set-up fee if any, covers the accounting and software charges, and is non-refundable. All credit cards or debit cards will be charged automatically for each billing period. By providing the company your credit card or debit card information, you are authorizing the company to charge any and all services rendered, to that card, until such authorization is canceled in writing as per the account cancellation policy. If you have any questions or disputes regarding any charges levied by the company you agree to contact the billing department for resolution prior to filing any disputes with the merchant card company or banking institution. If you dispute a valid credit card charge levied by the Company, your account with the Company will be disabled and you will be charged a minimum $40.00 service fee for each dispute and all related collection charges, and your account will be forwarded for further collection actions.

Refunds Refund Policy Setup, software, programming, service fees and shipping are non-refundable. Accounts which have been discounted for advance payment such as quarterly, semiannual, annual and some promotional accounts may be refunded for unused periods; however those accounts will be back billed at the pre-discounted rate before a refund, if any, will be issued. All refunds may be issued in the same manner as the initial payment, (i.e. check via check, credit card via credit card, etc.) A refund processing administration fee of $10.00 will be charged for all refunds processed. All refund requests are processed by the accounting department. The company does not prorate services. Services are billed in full increments regardless of usage. All refund requests must be received 5 days prior to your next billing date to avoid further service charges. Please allow four (4) to (6) six weeks processing for any refund. Any disputes or concerns should be directed to customeraccts@asisna.com.

Cancellation Policy For your protection as well as ours, all cancellations must be submitted in writing and signed by the account owner. Moving your website and or not accessing or using the services does not constitute cancellation or termination of any subscription or service. The company incurs costs by making the services available to you, regardless of usage. You will continue to incur fees if you do not properly cancel your account. You must cancel your account as described. No cancellations by general e-mail or phone will be accepted. A signed letter converted to PDF may be emailed however you must confirm receipt by our spokane administrative offices due to spam and attachment filtering issues. All cancellation requests must be received in our offices at least 5 business days prior to your next billing cycle to prevent further service charges. All requests received beyond this date will be processed on your next billing cycle which is typically thirty days later. Please send your cancellation request by U.S. Mail, fax or confirmed PDF to the following: SISNA c/o TSMG PO Box 3940 Spokane, WA. 99202 Fax number (888)311-7769 billing@asisna.com The following items must be included in the cancellation letter: Full name and address Username and/or Email Address A Description of the services to be terminated. (Please be specific.) We also ask that you include the reason for cancellation so we may better serve our existing and future customers.

Account Policy Please read our terms and conditions of service agreement here. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE

Dedicated Connections Due to the variety of services available, please call for details or view our services area.

FTP Services FTP sites are provided upon request for business and virtual domain users. Information stored on our servers is for temporary downloading. ASISNA reserves the right to delete directories that occupy excessive space or material that is housed for long periods of time on the FTP server. For more information, you can either send an e-mail to spokane@asisna.com or call (509) 535-1169.

High Speed Services ASISNA is pleased to offer a number of high speed Internet connections. We also offer other dedicated connections to include T1 connectivity. Please call or e-mail for more information.

Phone Numbers: Tech Support & Dialup

AreaTech Support NumbersDialup Numbers
Spokane 509-535-1169 509-252-4124
Spokane 509-535-1169 ISDN 509-252-4124
Davenport 509-535-1169 509-725-1031
Coeur D'Alene 509-535-1169 208-292-0042
Sandpoint 509-535-1169 208-255-1353

Tech Support 1-509-535-1169.


Classes: Basic Internet for PC All classes are currently suspended until further notice.

Online Help Pages The online help is generalized! Remember your specific account information when making changes such as your Asisna.com e-mail address and the Sisna.com dial-up username.

Terms of Service Please read our terms and conditions of service agreement here. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE

Free ASISNA Internet Service! Our referral program is great! All you have to do is tell your friends who your ISP is! If they sign up and tell us you referred them we will apply a $10 credit to your account! It is that easy! If you refer just one person a month and your ISP fees are paid! WOW! No fees for a premium Internet Service Provider! FANTASTIC! Details. Credits will be applied to accounts only after the new customer has been active and current for 90 days. The referrer must have an active and current account with us at the time of sign up. The new customer must inform ASISNA at the time of sign up who referred them in order for an account to be credited. ASISNA will not backdate any referrals. Referral credits can be used for ASISNA monthly Internet services only and are not refundable. We reserve the right to alter, change or cancel this referral program at any time or in any way. No advance notice is required.