Network Issues

If you have questions or concerns regarding your DSL, Wireless or Dial-Up service perform the following before calling or submitting a service ticket.

DSL - If you suspect your DSL modem is not working correctly or you see red lights, power cycle it leaving it unplugged for 30 seconds then reconnect. It can take up to 5 minutes for it to re-establish the connection.

WIRELESS - If you think your wireless service is not functioning power cycle the equipment. (unplug from the wall outlet providing power) - (do not unplug the ethernet cables with power applied but make sure they are seated properly) 95% of the time a power cycle of your personal router will fix the issue. You can do this for both the POE providing power to the unit outside and the power supply powering your personal router inside. Wait 10 to 20 seconds and plug them back in. Wait while they are completely powered back up and functioning.

Dial-Up. Check that your phone line is actually working and you have dial-tone. Shut down and restart your computer. (not just a restart or soft reboot)

If above options fail to bring your service back.... then call. Please leave a message if it is after hours or we are helping other customers at the time of your call. We will return your call. Thank you.


For ASISNA email accounts: Your email account can be configured as either IMAP or POP. We recommend setting up POP if you only use one device to check your email such as your home computer. Set up IMAP if you check your email on multiple devices such as a mobile phone, tablet and a computer.

CLICK HERE for more ASISNA email configuration settings.

CLICK HERE for SISNA email configuration settings.
Q) What's the difference between IMAP and POP email accounts?

A) With an IMAP account your messages live on our servers and only the headers and first few lines of each message are downloaded to your device. The complete message is downloaded when selected to be read. This message is only temporary on your device and the original message continues to exist on our server until your settings delete it. Your settings preferences for this are thus very important. This is usually listed under advanced settings. Use IMAP if you are checking your email from multiple devices such as phones and tablets and your computer.

With a POP email account your messages are downloaded to your device but a copy can be left on the server if you have configured your settings to do so, or it will be removed from the server and stored on your device.


If you are experiencing email issues first try to login to the webmail interface. Use an alternate browser if needed or clear your browser's cache and try again. If that works there are no issues with the mail server and the issue most likely with your computer or email client software.

Try rebooting your computer by shutting it completely down. Not a soft reboot or a restart.

Is your mailbox full? If so delete your junk mail, deleted messages and any old email. Check your email settings and passwords. E-mail configuration settings can be found on this page to the left.

If above options fail to bring your service back.... then call. Please leave a message if it is after hours or we are helping other customers at the time of your call. We will return you call. Thank you.

WEBMAIL - (your email account directly on the mail server)

Tip: You can login to your email account directly on the mail server with a web browser at mail.asisna.com, mail.sisna.com or mail."whatever your hosted domain name is".

You can manage spam, send and receive email, delete old messages, allow and block senders, change server settings for your account and more. Marking messages as SPAM in the webmail interface helps the SPAM system learn and reduce your unwanted messages.