Network Issues

If you have questions or concerns regarding your DSL, High Speed Wireless or Dial-Up connect, call us during our weekday business hours.

If you suspect your DSL modem is not working correctly or you see red lights, power cycle it leaving it unplugged for 30 seconds then reconnect. It can take up to 5 minutes for it to re-establish the connection. You can contact Century Link to have them test your connection 24/7.

You can submit an engineering ticket after hours and on weekends and we will promptly check on your concern. CLICK HERE

For ASISNA email accounts: Your email account can be configured as either IMAP or POP. We recommend setting up POP on your desktop PC or set up IMAP on your laptop or mobile devices. CLICK HERE for more POP information.

For SISNA email accounts: Your email will be configured as an POP account by default. CLICK HERE for more POP information
Q) What's the difference between IMAP and POP email accounts?

A) With an IMAP account your messages live on our servers and only the headers and first few lines of each message are downloaded to your device. The complete message is downloaded when selected to be read. This message is only temporary on your device and the original message continues to exist on our server until your settings delete it. Your settings preferences for this are thus very important. This is usually listed under advanced settings. There is a 100 MB limit to server storage for IMAP email.

With a POP email account your messages are downloaded to your PC and a copy is left on our server. You will be able to search and retrieve this information on your PC as long as your hard drive is backed up. Again your settings preferences for this are thus very important. Messages on our server have same 100 MB limit.

Tip: Login to your account with a web browser to manage spam, delete messages and change server settings for your account.